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convergence crew

we want you!

official pearl jam fan convergence community
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This community has been set up to help Pearl Jam fans organize events and get-togethers in their region. The maintainer (Amy aka neenerbean) has been organizing "convergences" in Chicago for the past SIX years.

You can also feel free to talk about anything and everything remotely related to Pearl Jam. This includes your LIVES - cause we're all tied to Pearl Jam in some way or another :) How else are we going to get to know each other?

>> Introductory survey >>

Real name (first is okay):
Synergy name (if applicable):
Ten club member # (ie. 123XXX - not required):
Shows attended:
Years since becoming a PJ fan:
Current location:
Age (optional):
Favorite PJ album:
Favorite PJ show:
Favorite PJ songs (limit 3):
Other favorite bands:
Tell us about yourself:
Picture (please put behind lj-cut):

If you'd like to add to the survey, please contact neenerbean :)